New Zealand Diploma in Animation




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    Feb 08 - Dec 09, 2022

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Get specialised skills in 2D Animation

This programme gives you extensive end-to-end experience in the production pipeline process for 2D puppet-based character creation, and story design and development.

You’ll explore creative designs, story-telling methods, conceptual design and animation sequences for complex creative 2D projects, with opportunities to practice your 2D animation skills through project-work to help you create a high quality and engaging showreel.

You learn to evaluate and analyse your own work, so you know how to push your 2D animations further and further. We also teach you how to pitch your story and character ideas as you would in industry.

Graduates of this diploma know how to work productively, gain some wicked leadership skills, and have the confidence and competence to work independently as a freelancer, or collaboratively in a studio environment. 

What you'll learn

Digital Production
Gain advanced working knowledge and application of asset creation for 2D environments and character art, problem-solving methods, and evaluation of own work.

Become adept at visual story-telling by learning techniques to create effective storyboards, animatics, story art, and preliminary designs, research, creative exploration, creating mock-ups, preparing work for on-screen presentation, and pitching own work.

Team Production
Create an animation sequence as a team, learn project direction, specialist role assumption, and evaluation of own work.

Develop your Showreel
Research, plan, develop and output your showreel based on the projects you work on throughout the year. Develop a fresh animation project to showcase your skills and add to your portfolio.

We’ll develop skills around contracts, business planning, financial obligations, marketing and legislative responsibilities.

A bit more information


Adobe: Photoshop, After Effects, Animate, Premiere, Audition; Audacity, Sculptris


Domestic students

  • Total Tuition Fee: $8,620.41 ($8,280.41+ $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*)

*Course Related Cost  - Covers software licensing for student use on campus for the period of 1 year. This amount can be covered by studylink's courses related cost loan.

(Eligible for 'fees-free' study)

International students

$20,500 + $2,000 course fee

Please note fees are subject to change.

Entry Requirements

Diploma in Animation (Level 5), or equivalent.

International students must be at least 18 years old.

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